World Congress

World Congress September 2022, Lausanne

The 20th AIEJI World Congress is taken place on 6.-9. September 2022 hosted in Lausanne in Switzerland. 

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World Congress 10-12 April 2017, Brazil

The 19th AIEJI World Congress took place on 10.-12. April 2017. The congress was hosted by AEESSP (Associacao dos Educadores e Educadoras Sociais do Estado de Sao Paulo) and took place at the University of Campinas in the constituent state Sao Paulo.

The theme of the congress was: “I am, because we are”

You can download the two reports presented at the congress here:

World Congress 2 – 5 April 2013, Luxembourg

On 2 – 5 April 2013 AIEJI’s 18th World Congress took place in Luxembourg and was hosted by APEG – Association professionelle des éducateurs gradués, the national association of social educators in Luxembourg.

The theme of the congress was: “Integration and Social Inclusion”

Visit APEG’s website.

World Congress 2009, Denmark

AIEJI’s 17th World Congress in May 2009, Copenhagen, was a great success with social educators from all over the world meeting and exchanging experiences, making friendships and professional bonds.

See the aeiji2009 website.